Elevator Pitch pan Linwood Barclay

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  • Elevator Pitch
  • Linwood Barclay
  • Nb. de pages: 493
  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
  • ISBN: 9780008332037
  • Editeur: HQ
  • Date de parution: 2020

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Ebook fichier pdf télécharger Elevator Pitch


It begins on Monday when four people board an elevator in Manhattan. Each presses the button for their floor, but the elevator climbs, non-stop, to the top before dropping. Right to the bottom of the shaft. It appears to be a random tragedy. But on Tuesday, it happens again. And when Wednesday brings yet another catastrophe, one of the most vertical cities in the world is plunged into chaos. It will be a race against time for detectives Jerry Borque and Lois Delgado to find the answers before a deadly Friday night showdown.